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Celtic and folk music band Cisalpipers, from Center-North region of Italy Emilia- Romagna, formed in the fall of 2004.

It basically originated from the passion for bagpipes and a careful research in the vast historical and musical popular and traditional repertoire of Central and Northern Europe, including Italy.

The Cisalpipers repertoire includes original compositions (testifying the band’s unique sound, based primarily on its components various musical experiences, from classical to pop, from world music to ethnic) and traditional tunes, played with, Emilian Bagpipe, Scottish Bagpipe, Whistles, Drums and Percussions.

Cisalpipers music is a journey through centuries, touching on distant eras which have been lost, though each one of us, deep in his soul, can still feel those smells, sounds and visions.

A brilliant and innovative band, suitable for any kind of audiences, even for those who have forgotten certain sounds, or who simply have never heard them. Cisalpipers perform as acoustic marching band or in a full concert lineup (with vocals, piano, keyboards, bass and drums adding to traditional bagpipes, whistles and percussions).




Press Kit


Stage Plane



Davide Candini

Piano, Synth Keyboard, Backing Vocals,


Chiara Temporin

Emilian Bagpipe, Great Highland Bagpipe,
Low and Tin Whistles


Marco Vinicio Ferrazzi

Lead Vocals, Synth Keyboard,
Marching Bass Drum


Roberto Catani
Electric Bass Guitar, Didgeridoo, Percussions


Mauro Pambianchi
Drums, Percussions, Marching Snare and Historic Tenor Drum.


Cisalpipers band performs in two different lineups:

Concerts Lineup


Original formula for any occasion or event, with the inclusion, alongside bagpipes and flutes, of vocals, piano, keyboards, electric bass guitar, drums and percussions.

Travelling Exhibitions Lineup


Acoustic lineup with the use of bagpipes, drums and percussions, suitable also for historical reenactments, such as Medieval or Celtic ones, Fantasy and Comics Festivals, Street Art.


MARCH 2022

19 March: FIRMINY  (Francia), Fète de la Musique et Danses, Le Firmament, Firminy (Saint-Ètienne). Concerto ore 21:30

27 March: PASSOGATTO di Lugo (RA), Cisalpipers Trio in Musiche e Danze Irlandesi, Circolo ARCI di Passogatto, ore 15:30. Info tel. 333 25 13 259 (Ciro)


MAY 2022

07 May: LUGO (RA), Cisalpipers in Trio tradizionale, Contesa Estense 2022, Rocca Estense. ore 21.00.


JUNE 2022

25 June: FERRARA, Contrada Borgo San Giovanni, via del Melo 105. Concerto ore 21.00


JULY 2022

07 July: ARGENTA – Ristorante “Lo Schiaccianoci”, via Celletta 14, Argenta (FE). Concerto ore 21.00

15 July: FERRARA – Night&Blues 2022, Chiostro di Santa Maria della Consolazione, via Mortara 98, Ferrara. Concerto ore 21.30

22 July: PLUMLOV  (Repubblica Ceca) – Keltská Noc Festival 2022. Concerto ore 23.00. http://www.keltska-noc.cz/cs/home/

23 July: PLUMLOV  (Repubblica Ceca) – Keltská Noc Festival 2022. Itineranti ore 15.00 e workshop ore 15.15. http://www.keltska-noc.cz/cs/program/


Migrazioni (2016)


1. Melodia a Bea
2. Migrazioni
3. Celtic Uap
4. Touanda

5. Parrot’s Dance

6. Valzer d’Irlanda
7. Mauro Hornpipe
8. Bojorix – Danza della vittoria
9. My Old family
10. Finger Breaker
11. Black is the Color

12. Migrazioni (Instrumental Version)

CornaMusica (2008)


1. La ballata delle dune
2. Siralos
3. Il ponte
4. Samuela
5. L’inglese
6. Maria Antonietta
7. Lieta
8. I ariva

9. Solaris
10. L’idea è chiara
11. Nessie

12. Beatrice dei gatti
13. Gaia
14. Maidana / Carnevale popolare



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